Dating websites uk 16/18

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Dating websites uk 16/18

Anyone aware of anywhere else where this was done please?

Stuart Emmett I believe that Bournemouth Corporation sometimes used coloured blinds for certain routes or occasions.

I understand that the coloured blinds were to help those who weren’t able to read identify there bus, but the system must have been of limited use if more than than one destination shared the same coloured background, and given the large number of routes must have had black backgrounds. Yes Phillip many thanks and have seen that blind, actually from the early 1950’s, when for example, from 1949 to 1958, Barrow received 60 Leyland deckers all with similar coloured blinds.

Shout if you want me to list the accompanying "via" blind . I also seem to recall the 10 deckers from 1961 did not have coloured blinds and after 1961, then single deckers mainly “ruled” and without coloured blinds.

The inward blinds had originally been red, until the Chief Constable of Lancashire/Bolton Borough police pointed out that it was illegal to display a red light to the front of a road vehicle. I’ve got a late listing for a coloured Barrow blind – I’ll post it here, if I can find it . The blinds on these services carried white lettering on a blue background.

The Wheatley Hills blinds were in red on black, but as the two buses were always together (did this save electricity? Different-coloured blinds/lights/liveries usually started with trams to help illiterate folk of the day to pick the correct route they wanted. The MGTOW website loftily suggests their ideals hark back to “Schopenhauer, Tesla, Beethoven, Galileo, or even Jesus Christ”, and equates it to "fire".“MGTOW is not as old as fire, but it's as old as a man's first discovery of it.Didn’t LT, early ’70s, use blue blinds for "limited stop" services (615, Poplar – St Paul’s; 616, Oxford Circus[? Burnley & Pendle used blue blinds, certainly in the 80s – they were thought to reduce glare and make the white lettering more visible at night-time. However, I recall some United Bovas running on National Express duties with red destination blinds.Latterly, Bolton used a three-track number display alongside two destination displays: one was white-on black to display the outer terminus, and one was white-on-green to display the inner terminus (usually "Bolton", even though there were different termini within the town). Many of the London sightseeing companies have used coloured blinds to differentiate on which tour/feeder service the bus is employed – and this has carried forward into the digital era. In August 1955 London Transport introduced a peak period (the Sat service only lasted a year) 130 Express service between New Adddington and East Croydon, later West Croydon, and this ran until replaced by the C1 and C2 in 1970.

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